Staff Bios

Head Counselor

Katie Lo Re is a May 2019 graduate from Tulane University. She majored in Political Science and studied at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. She was as a devoted NCC Sharx until she started rowing crew. She served as the Captain of the BCC Crew team as a senior in 2015. She was also a NCC lifeguard.



Counselor bios to come

Camp Director
Lucy Harvey is a crafty, creative mom of three daughters who has spent more than17 years volunteering at the NCC pool, serving on the pool board and helping with Swim Team meets and banquets. Lucy loved running her own “camp mom” when her kids were young. She has served as a Girl Scout leader and room parent and has been trained to teach yoga to kids. Lucy is a freelance history museum curator and writer.

Program Director
Caren Wimer is also a crafty, creative mom of three. A certified teacher, she has taught and volunteered in public and independent schools in the area for the past 15 years. She is passionate about creating a space and place for kids to explore and learn while having tons of fun. A gifted seamstress, she has taught sewing and crafting sessions in her home for years.

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